Coast Guard Day Jokes 2019

Coast Guard Day Jokes 2019

Coast Guard Day Jokes

                                                                     Coast Guard Day Jokes

Coast Guard Day Jokes: Between all the administration branches there is a neighborly contention that will dependably make jokes among the different branches. The Coast Guard regularly gets a lot of jokes beginning with the way that the Coast Guard was in the past piece of the Department of Transportation (presently Homeland Security) and not the Department of Defense. Other DoD branches clearly accuse forward of “not even in the military” yet the Coast Guard has unquestionably observed a lot of life and demise tasks on the high oceans, managing street pharmacists, and notwithstanding being sent in the War on Terror abroad to deal with port security and other beachfront dangers.

Be that as it may, we as whole ridicule the Coast Guard. Here is an extensive rundown of “You Might Be a Coastie if….”

You Might Be a Coastie if

You know in a split second that “work more efficiently” signifies billet cuts

Individuals ask you what you’re doing past the three-mile limit

You get hitched to move out of the sleeping quarters

You go before each open discourse with, “I was going to recount to an ocean story, yet observing the absence of Cutterman’s pins out there, all of you just wouldn’t get it”

5. An Alaskan voyage isn’t a possibility for your wedding trip.

You are as yet attempting to make sense of what TQM was about.

You’ve at any point chuckled when viewing the CG business at 3:00 am and asked why all they show is helo’s and little pontoons

You’ve effectively stayed away from at any rate one assessment, Change of Command, or urinalysis

After training camp, you’ve never discharged a weapon

You hear an HH-65 and DON’T gaze upward

Your port calls have a bigger number of bars in them than individuals

You consider the entryway tumbling off your airplane regular cooling

While in progress, an actual existence pontoon comes free, hits you on the head and that is no joke “loss of situational mindfulness”

Individuals from different parts of the administration visit your workspace and they yell, “Amazing, I haven’t seen one of these in 20 years!”

Your concept of fragrance based treatment is Simple Green and JP5.

Whenever you set out on an outing you hope to hear “get ready for getting in progress”.

When you return home with staple goods you yell, “All hands lay to the carport/garage/check for stores”.

You find yourself addressing your youngsters in a similar manner of speaking you use with your non-rates … or on the other hand, is it a different way?

You don’t know whether they’re truly is life out there, for example in reality.

It appears to be each time you watch a motion picture it says on the base of the screen “Property of the US Navy”

In the event that you’ve had individuals state to you, “The Coast Guard is military?”

You may be a TC Coastie if everybody on the ship asked you what you do in the radio room and after that got frantic on the grounds that you stated, “I could let you know however then I’d need to murder you!”

In the event that getting the opportunity to rest after mid-watch was ever troublesome due to the ever-present sun up above perplexing your framework.

Coast Guard Day Jokes

                                                                   Coast Guard Day Jokes

In the event that your ship is given a rundown of organizations, your group isn’t greeted at during their port call…

You’ve left a port with more than one sign from the maritime base…

You’ve woken up in the “red zone” in Panama.

WMEC signifies ‘We Must Eat Chicken’ to you.

On the off chance that your 40-year-old vessel is getting in progress on Monday for a 6-week watch yours as yet making arrangements for the end of the week since you realize the pontoon will separate inside 2-3 days.

You may be a Coastie if your ship sends a crisis CASREPfor the wrecked espresso creator.

You may be a Coastie if the Marines get resentful when they see you get the chance to utilize genuine projectiles in your weapon.

In the event that your kid alludes to the pontoon or station as “where Daddy lives”

You guarantee to have a lady in each port, yet you are at a shorewards unit.

You keep running from the kitchen, stumble over the pooch, fall and hit your head on the footstool just to see a 15-second blip on TV when you hear the words “Coast Guard”!

You PANIC when you need to destroy pleasant nonmilitary personnel garments since you can’t shade coordinate since you know no other than blue.

Your better half takes a gander at you unusual and gushes out, “You’re not my Chief, and I sure as hellfire ain’t one of your damn Seaman!”

In the event that you shorten words so much that you forget how to illuminate them.

You tell your kids that Fridays are ‘field days’

In the event that you trust USCG truly means “Uncle Sams Confused Group”

You can get a liquor occurrence and advance around the same time

Much appreciated Coast Guard for what you do.

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